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'Just What I Needed To Hear'

with Daniela and Jeannie
Yoga Farm Ithaca Educators and Directors.

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About our Podcast

Join Daniela & Jeannie of Yoga Farm Ithaca for raw, real, and practical conversations that will have you saying ‘omg and wtf...?!? I SOOO needed to hear this today’

Consider these conversations are some of the best and life changing education ‘for real life’ - for householders - that get right to the core of your Healing, Evolving, and Flourishing in all the areas of your life.

We often cover topics including:

•what is really at the heart of conflict within the family structures
•the underlying truth about discord in relationships
•parent-child challenges that require the parent’s inner world adjustment
•the primary reasons your relationship with yourself is troublesome
•anxiety, depression, and loneliness in our culture
•the labyrinth of your interior world
•the pain of unexpressed sorrow
•the keys to grief integration and navigation world events
•social justice and activism

This show is ultimately FOR YOU, delivered in a friendly, simple, and humorous way between two best friends.

When you end the inner conflict within, you will end the conflict in your household, your community, and ultimately between nations.

Daniela Hess, CTACC, M.S. Ed is a Yoga Farm Ithaca Educator & Director. She serves students and clients in the arena of Relationship and Awareness education, spiritual direction, GriefWork, and the ‘Yoga of Living’.

Jeannie O'Neill, M.S. Ed, RYT is a Yoga Farm Ithaca Educator & Director. She serves students and clients in the arena of Kundalini Yoga , Mindfulness Education, and Social Justice & Activism.

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