Today is All that Matters: Part II

Apr 13, 2022

 By Daniela Hess Grant


Your body is both a magnificent temple and extraordinary vehicle. It has been with you since the start of your life, and it is with you with every single step you take. Your body is present with you during every joy you celebrate, and every terror you navigate. Your body will uphold its agreement to host You until your very last exhale.

The experience of your life in Fulfillment & Balance is an intimate reflection of your own quality Connection with yourself, and from there, in your Relationships.

We are hard wired to Connect and to feel Connection with others, so how we tend to and nourish our body; daily – with quality nutrients and enlivening movement – will impact our connection with ourself and others we encounter regularly. When we Cherish our body and Nourish our body, we are most equipped to extend that way of Being with others in our life.

For the next two weeks, I invite you to test this out for yourself by ‘taking the oxygen first’. For each day, consciously nourish your body with quality nutrients. Administer – like medicine – 30 minutes of daily movement into your day that you actually enjoy. A brisk walk is accessible to everyone. Notice, what effects does daily Integrity with your body have in your thinking? Your patience? Your presence with others? Your cheerfulness? Your open mindedness? Your ability to trust your own inner Wisdom? Your genuine empathy for others?

‘Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror’

-Byron Katie

We’ll continue with this as Part 3 in the next issue…!


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