Today is All that Matters: Part IV

Apr 27, 2022



 Imagine each doorway, today, that you pass through, is a cue that you have entered yet another scene in which you will be presented with two options:

•either experience YourSelf, AS the fulfillment of Love


•you will experience you, AS the tension of disconnection from Love.

Imagine that each scene you step into is like a theater stage, with the ideal set design in place, just for You.

Imagine that the stage is arranged with such brilliant precision so that it most efficiently pulls You out of yourself AS Love, OR, not…

Perhaps, instead, you interact with the set and the characters, yet you suffer, as your inner critic creeps in.

Who You Be, in each scene, solely determines your experience of your life. Who You Be, is a choice you make, moment by moment. You will choose to Respond to the scene and cast of characters AS an expression of Love, or, or you will choose to react to others and plot twists and thoroughly feel an agony of separation within. This feeling when we react is the discomfort of our disconnection from our inherent goodness, our truest nature.

Each scene I engage in, today, is yet another construction of tremendous magnificence, designed to seduce my spirit in Love, or to show me under what conditions I disregard mySelf, and allow my E.G.O, as Wayne Dyer teaches, to
(or, EdgeLoveOut)

May You relish the fulfillment of the Intention of Love, moment by moment, today.

May You weather with Grace, the moments that Ego takes charge.

May You make amends, today, with yourself and others when You forget, and place a barrier between your True Nature of Love, and ‘them’.

May You remember, today, everyone in each scene is here to help You to awaken into Awareness.

May the opening of the Eye of your Heart serve our Kindest Humanity as a global Unity, together…

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