Online YTT? Wasn’t that just a Covid thing?

Jun 15, 2022

by Jeannie O'Neill

Here is why you want to do an Online Yoga Teacher Training, even though things are getting back to “in person”. Real talk friends, I did nearly my entire masters program online. It was the best way to fit deep learning into my life. This was long before Covid, and Zoom being a household name. Online learning is here to stay, and to be honest, I love how accessible it makes learning new things. So take a moment of gratitude for all the best parts of online YTT offerings!

  • It is NOT in our nature to sit and absorb information for 8 hours straight (despite what public school has tried to train us to do). In an online format, classes do not have to be back to back all day to fit in a program schedule. They can be spread out over the week at times that are accessible. You can even watch classes on replay if the live timing doesn’t work. 
  • We can get deeper into history and philosophy, honoring Yogas roots and rich nuances in an online learning environment, because we are not so pressed for time. 
  • Resources are easily shared. No longer do I have to wonder where that hand out went that my teacher gave me 6 months ago, I can go back into my online classroom and look at it again.
  • Self Paced options are FANTASTIC for fitting into busy schedules, and you can even take a class while waiting for your kids to be done with karate lessons. SO convenient. 
  • Since online training is enmeshed with your life, it's a bit more easeful to see your home and your real world interactions as a classroom. In online classes, you do not have to integrate yourself back into “householding” you can see immediately where these practices have an impact on your relationships and life. 
  • Online YTTs are student centered, LIVE training tends to lean toward teacher centered. Well organized YTTs are planned out ahead of time, this allows instructors to focus on student needs and learning, rather than focusing on the delivery of material, and background information. Short clips can be watched ahead of class time to give students a framework and a place to ground before a lesson. 
  • Let me tell you how much more affordable online training is. To travel by air, and pay for accommodations and attend training, you are looking at around $6-8 thousand dollars for that training. Online training is much more accessible financially, and you do not have to use all of your vacation time. 
  • Community!!! Sometimes after training is over, it can feel like you have lost contact with a family you just created. Online training gives the opportunity to foster strong relationships with ease of connection and interaction in an online environment. 

We have both a Self-Paced Summer program (remember last week's blog all about this?) and a Live Online Fall program this year!

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