First, Teach Yourself

Jun 08, 2022

By Jeannie O'Neill


You probably have heard the phrases, self paced, self directed, self guided learning, and thought; HOW am I ever going to be qualified to teach people something that I learned at my own pace? Well, let’s look at it through this perspective; you want to be ready to teach something? First, teach yourself. Be your own first student. Be the best instructor you can be for YOU and notice how the students who are waiting for you, show up. 

Have you ever learned to cook something new? The truth is, you used self directed learning to do it. You found a recipe, you read the instructions, you paid careful attention to details, you added your own notes, you messed up, you corrected yourself, and you perfected your skills. This is the flow of self directed learning. 

Online Self Paced Yoga Teacher Trainings work the same way. You are given a recipe book (Manual) and Videos (like a cooking show) to watch techniques, breakdowns, tips and hints from professionals. You are then given space and time to integrate the learning into your practice and life. You get to fit it into where it works for your schedule and lifestyle. 

Self-directed learning gives you an opportunity to hone those critical thinking skills and asks you to step into your relationship with communication and asking for help when needed. Good Self Paced YTTs (like ours here at Yoga Farm) also give ample opportunities to connect with instructors when needed. 

When you are passionate about learning something, nothing can stop you from quenching that thirst. It’s a powerful motivator to complete something and feel like you have some mastery in a topic that really lights you up. If you are passionate about Yoga and practice, along with the deep spirituality, and philosophy, Self Paced learning is right for you. Self directed learning, allows you to take the initiative, be in tune with your own learning needs, recognize what your goal is and implement strategies that work for you. It’s a beautiful demonstration of autonomy within the supportive container of community. 

SO many benefits and perks of Self paced online learning;

  • You set your schedule
  • Learn and review at your own pace 
  • Connect and Collaborate when you feel ready to do so
  • Build your self confidence and willpower to follow through
  • Develop a direct relationship with your passion and purpose 

Join our SUMMER SELF PACED YTT today, and share with those in your life that would benefit from this style of learning and engaging. 

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