Everyone can Meditate!

Jun 22, 2022

By Christopher Grant

Many who attend our classes or follow us on social media have asked about meditation.

Once the domain of monks and nuns, meditation is now being adopted by householders - people like you and me.

According to an article in TIME magazine, about 10% of working Americans meditate. “That’s good news, say the study authors, since activities like yoga and meditation have been shown to improve employee well-being and productivity.”

How can something that looks like ‘not doing much’ improve well-being and productivity? The answer is simple: In meditation, your body/mind gets to do three things that it already knows how to do, and are essential for living a connected and healthy life.

Your body loves to rest. A full night’s sleep or an afternoon nap on a Sunday afternoon can feel wonderful. In meditation, your body gets a few minutes to just rest.

Your mind loves to heal. After experiencing the stresses of day-to-day life, your mind needs time to review what happened, release some stress, and integrate life experiences. This occurs as thinking - a perfectly natural and welcome part of meditation.

Your body and mind both love action. After some resting and healing, you naturally begin to anticipate what may happen later. You organize your todo list mentally. You think about those you love and possible conversations or actions with them.

Meditation is not about stopping the thoughts - not at all! Mediation is a natural, intuitive, beautiful part of living a full, engaged, productive life, and, it only takes a few minutes a day for the benefits to be noticed.

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